Judge your own capabilities

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Judge your own capabilities

Most companies will offer you the ability to choose between plush, medium and firm mattresses. Others will even have you fill out a questionnaire designed to allow the company to calculate just the right firmness for you, based on responses to queries about sleep style, position, heat level, and underlying health conditions.

However, there are grey areas that are easier to pinpoint when you have a scale to refer Judge your own capabilities. To test for this scale, a foam sample of material measuring 15 inches x 15 inches x 4 inches is used.

A 50 square inch circular indenter is used to compress the material a total of 25 percent of its thickness, or 1 inch deep. You can see a clarifying ILD video here to get a better idea of how the test functions.

It clearly shows the process as well as the computerized measurements that result which allow for precise results you can count on to express just how firm a mattress is. If you come across ILDs as you examine our recommended memory foam mattresses, we want you to understand what these numbers mean.

Type Of Products Available

If you prefer something in the mid-range, be on the lookout for an overall ILD of aroundgiving you a combination of sinking and firmer support to keep you from going too deep.

In order to ensure you can enjoy the longest possible lifespan in your new mattress, be prepared to make a reasonable investment.

You get what you pay for. When you only have a few hundred dollars to spend, you can expect to experience much lower durability.

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However, if you need something new now for a temporary solution, there are some pointers to help you find the materials that will work best for your needs.

While many confuse it with a representation of firmness, density actually helps you determine the durability you can expect out of your memory foam mattress.

Therefore, you want to ensure the levels in this area, in particular, are high. For instance, a polyfoam density of more than 1. However, in memory foam, the magic number is four to five pcf.

Ideally, you want to be financially prepared to purchase a product that falls within these parameters. If you want to learn more, I encourage you to check out our comprehensive memory foam mattress density guide.

Creating Our Own Reality

However, you do get what you pay for, and, for a typically higher price, there are other materials that can last longer than memory foam including: However, the experience will vary depending on the thickness of the memory foam layer. However, if the layer is too thin, you might not be satisfied with the lessened effect memory foam is known for.

You also need to consider how much you can expect to sink into a product.

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The deeper you sink into the mattress, the firmer it becomes due to the increase in compression. Types of Memory Foam There are three primary types of memory foam, and they each have unique properties that can help guide you to the one that will be best suited for your needs.

Judge your own capabilities

Better able than traditional memory foam at dispersing heat. Able to respond to your body temperature to keep it properly regulated for restful sleep. The decision to purchase a memory foam mattress is one that will affect you for many years to come. There are a couple of situations in which it may be in your best interest to seek other options.

You Tend to Sleep Hot If sleeping hot is a significant issue for you, memory foam may not be the best option. While there are solutions available such as gel beads and infusions, foams that are open-celled can typically help keep the sleeper cooler during the night.

Therefore, if you tend to sleep very hot and this is a serious issue for you, memory foam may not be the best choice. You Have Limited Mobility The primarily evident feature of memory foam is that it allows the sleeper to sink into the mattress more and more as their body heats it. This allows your body to achieve superior contour to help promote proper spinal alignment.

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Judge your own capabilities

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