A discussion on pros and cons of genetic manipulation

Heritability[ edit ] Evidence suggests that genetic vulnerability with environmental factors can act in combination resulting in the development of schizophrenia. Many people who appear to carry "schizophrenia genes" may not become schizophrenic. Some twin studies [12] [13] have found rates as low as

A discussion on pros and cons of genetic manipulation

It has been a long time - how long no one can say, though surely centuries - since God sent the Tribulation to the Old People usnear destroying everything we had built and learned. Pockets of civilisation, such as it is, survive with their own form of understanding the past.

Genetic mutations of plants, animals and people continue, and everyone has their own idea of what the "true form" should be and focus their energies on zealously destroying the Deviations.

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The Bible and a book written after the Tribulation, the Repentances, clearly outline what the True Form should be, and that Mutants are an abomination to God and Man. Even at a young age when none of this is really understood, though, he instinctively keeps his ability to think-speak with several other children in the area, including his half-cousin Rosalind, a secret.

It is only as he grows older, especially after he loses his friend and playmate Sophie, whose parents have done all they can to hide the six toes on each of her feet, that he really begins to understand the dangers of being a Deviant.

This book is beautifully, subtly, skilfully written. For that alone it is worth reading. Characters are rarely described yet vividly portrayed through their words, their speech-patterns, their reactions.

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The feeling of suspense and danger overshadows a Little House on the Prairie kind of lifestyle, and the small-minded bigotry comes across clearly in the small details as much as in the story itself. What is even more fascinating, though, is the world Wyndham has created here and the philosophies grounded in it.

Davie is taught that: From the true trail branched many false trails that sometimes looked easier and more attractive; all these really led to the edges of precipices, beneath which lay the abyss of eternity. But so faint was the trail, so set with traps and deceits, that every step must be taken with caution, and it was too dangerous for a man to rely on his own judgement.

Only the authorities, ecclesiastical and lay, were in a position to judge whether the next step was a rediscovery, and so, safe to take; or whether it deviated from the true re-ascent, and so was sinful.

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Another interesting and damning perspective comes from one of these other societies, called Zealand, one that has advanced and re-built and where think-speaking is treasured and encouraged - a utopia, in fact, for Davie and his friends: They were only ingenious half-humans, little better than savages; all living shut off from one another, with only clumsy words to link them.

Often they were shut off still more by different languages, and different beliefs. Some of them could think individually, but they had to remain individuals. Emotions they could sometimes share, but they could not think collectively.

When their conditions were primitive they could get along all right, as the animals can; but the more complex they made their world, the less capable they were of dealing with it.

They had no means of consensus.

A discussion on pros and cons of genetic manipulation

They learnt to co-operate constructively in small units; but only destructively in large units. They aspired greedily, and then refused to face the responsibilities they had created. They created vast problems, then buried their heads in the sands of idle faith.

There was, you see, no real communication, no understanding between them. They could, at their best, be near-sublime animals, but not more.

What the people of Zealand are really saying is that communication leads to understanding leads to co-operation and can avert catastrophe. Despite the religious overtones and the philosophising, this is not a lecturing book, it does not try to tell you what to think or judge you.

I personally was thoroughly engrossed in this classic, and find it broadens and strengthens my understanding of the dangers of taking things too literally, in strict interpretations. Freedom of thought and debate is one of our greatest strengths as a species, and without it we wallow, stuck, on the same path, repeating the same mistakes again and again, blinded by our own arrogance and lack of imagination.YES!

It was awesome!

A discussion on pros and cons of genetic manipulation

Space Marines in full on power armor versus HORDES of Orks! I had a blast – the whole thing was fun and funny as the game progressed! You are here: Home / Featured / Pros and Cons of Genetically Modified Foods Pros and Cons of Genetically Modified Foods There is a great debate going on right now on the subject of genetically modified foods, or GMOs.

The Gambusia Control homepage is dedicated to ongoing investigation of the effect of Gambusia on native aquatic fauna, and exploration of potential means of control. Evaluate the pros and cons of the alternative listed Staff first allows free discussion, These illnesses seem to be genetic.

Genetic Manipulation: Yes or No? Genes, being part of the basic building blocks of man, control all aspects of ones life. They control how tall you are, what color your eyes are, and what diseases might afflict you in the future.

Therefore, the manipulation of such genes can be a controvers. Pros and Cons of GMOs On the surface, strengthening soybeans for purposes of more widespread production and consumption seems like a win-win idea. But there are some very real concerns shared by top experts in the health, medical, and nutrition fields.

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